Laundry Day

Hired a location, shot this all with natural light! Loved it!

Hired a location, shot this all with natural light! Loved it!
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Igmond PRO
Igmond October 21, 2018
Wow, great photo, very nice
EricaAlmquist April 18, 2019
Love the location and the framing !!!!
beckihagen PRO
beckihagen September 04, 2019
I love the retro feel of this shot

Behind The Lens

This was taken in my local town in a launderette
Taken in the early spring midday and with the sun coming in from the left hand side of the image and from behind me as I was capturing.
The lighting was all natural with a reflector at times to bounce the light where needed. The light was primarily left handside and behind me. All natural and was diffused by the somewhat grubby windows.
Deliberately shot on 'old' equipment to highlight this was not about the equipment but the creative nature. D7000 nikon and old sigma 24-70mm lens. No tripod. All free hand.
I have seen a lot online and attended a lot of events/roadshows where people are all preaching and praising the latest modern stuff. I got bummed out seeing so many people falsely believing they need XYZ equipment to be a better photographer. NO. So I went out deliberately with equipment that was less than what was regarded as professional to prove a point. This whole set was actually then published in a magazine!
The location was painted this strong blue so the colour cast it gave off was a little challenge, thankfully I used a grey card to colour correct easily. I deepened the shadows enough to almost matte them
In my camera bag
A full frame camera at least, a few prime lens and my two beloved Lensbaby lenses. Often a prism for light flares and thats about it if I am honest. I am a prime lover.
Dont be afraid to shoot at midday. Dont be afraid to use less than perfect equipment. Natural light is free but be sure to always have a reflector handy to either help diffuse or reflect it. Always ask permission to shoot on a location. After this shoot, another photographer used the location without consent and it really upset the owners.

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