Two sisters walk hand in hand down a row of almond blossoms in the spring.

Two sisters walk hand in hand down a row of almond blossoms in the spring.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a very brisk morning in February in Tracy, CA in one of our local Almond Orchards. The blossoms came EXTREMELY early this year, so it was a lot of fun to get my nieces ready and have them go walk around in the orchard to look at all the pretty white 'popcorn' blossoms.
I remember watching this orchard on my drive home everyday, to try and time when the blossoms would be at their best. I go extremely lucky that it just so happened to be on a Friday morning. This shot was probably taken around 11:30 am, and I couldn't be more happy with it. There was not a whole lot of cloud cover, so I was really worried about the blossoms being over exposed, but got very lucky with the small amount of cloud cover there was passing at just the right moment to get a nicely balanced shot.
I really wanted to keep a very 'fairytale' feeling to these images, but knew I was shooting WAY out of the golden hour. Thankfully there was a little bit of cloud cover that defused the sun light just enough that I was able to keep that light and airy feeling, with out anything being too over exposed.
This was shot on a Canon 6D Mark II, with a 35-105mm lens and nothing else.
I wanted to capture how much these two sisters care about each other. More than just letting them run around and explore, I wanted to capture the essence of what it's like being a big sister. Always looking out for your little sister, and leading the way. That's what inspired me to take this photo.
I didn't really do a lot of post-processing on this image. Aside from popping the reds in their outfits to create a little more of a stark contrast, I didn't adjust much.
In my camera bag
I recently had all of my camera gear stolen. So I have been slowly but surely rebuilding my camera bag. Lately, I have had a Canon 6D Mark II body, with a 50mm fixed and a 32-105mm. These are my go to. I also recently invested in a set of neutral density filters to help with the bright sunny days we're used to in California.
Be patient with kiddos! They don't always cooperate to get that 'perfect' shot, but my nieces were both in a great mood that day and were so excited to see all of the 'popcorn' blossoms.

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