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mondo_mania1960 February 12, 2018
stunningly gorgeous shot!
Mary18 March 15, 2018
Congratulations on winning my photo challenge!
eelcovanroden March 16, 2018
Congratulations on your fantastic Challenge Win!

Hunting Yeti

Abandoned train tunnels
Through rain/sleet/snow and hail to make the shot.

Canon 80D
Tokina 12-24mm
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Abandoned train tunnels
Through rain/sleet/snow and hail to make the shot.

Canon 80D
Tokina 12-24mm
15"sec exposure

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Behind The Lens

In the abandoned train ttunnels outside of Tahoe California
Evening time
All lighting was from the source shown in picture and moonlight
Canon 80D Sigma 24mm Slick 500hd tripod Shooting 736hd head
Everything in this shot inspired it, the snow, circles the tunnel.
When spinning I always shoot slightly darker then most so as to capture the elements better, with this shot I used o only LR. First adjusting tone curve lens correction and then bringing up shadows just enough as to not make the image flat. After these few steps I brought exposure up around +.23%.. highlights down around -15% And countered the lowered highlights by bringing up the white to around +21% give or take a few. I try to keep my work as c lose to natural as possible without overly saturating the image.... This is what worked for me on this particular image, but surrounding ambient lighting may vary on other images.... Hope to have been able to shed some light on your processing
In my camera bag
Canon 80D Sigma 24mm lens tokina 12-24mm and tamron 70-200mm accompanied by crampons to get into icy places and valves to keep hands warm. Nothing super factly just the needed equipment
I recommend researching the area you plan to shoot especially long exposure like this. Always always check the surroundings, and always be ready for fast action situations. When setting up the shot, take a few testers to get dialed in on focus and light. A situation like this I always shoot with my go to settings. F9 Iso200 15" second exposure The emitted light will counter the darker settings, plus will allow for bumping up of shadows in post. I do not recommend attempting spins in any situation that requires you to second guess. Be sure and aware of everything around you at all times.

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