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livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari January 22, 2018
Beautiful portrait!
FergalBrady May 26, 2018
tonyvasquez PRO+
tonyvasquez November 24, 2018
Great portrait
edsanderson December 08, 2018
Great job capturing her raw beauty.
Ruslan_Lavrentyev January 31, 2019
A good composition. I dig the B&W.
pietnel February 03, 2019
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 05, 2019
nice shot, lots of emotion
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 05, 2019
nice shot, lots of emotion
stvbrwn8 March 19, 2020
So, yeah- I know I haven't earned the privilege of seeing what's behind that jacket but my birthday is coming soon and I know what you could give me!
Sammymc89 August 26, 2020
Salacious yet classy.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my previous studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. We had some free time in-between clients and I jumped at the chance to photograph my co-worker!
We spent hours after work trialling out some new lightning set ups for clients. Must have been gone 8pm by the time we finished!
The lighting set up for this shot was simple - one large soft box position immediately next to the model, on the right hand side when looking directly at her. It was flat facing, untitled and on its lowest setting to allow for the softest light. I had the brightest part of the soft box (centre) pointing a little in front of her face to really make the best of the edge lighting.
As always, I used my trusty Canon 5d MKiii with a 50mm lens. Apart from that, it was just a trigger on the soft box synced with my camera.
My inspiration for this really stems from various fashion magazines and their front covers. I wanted a striking image displaying sexuality - sensually, tastefully.
I always use photoshop as my preferred way to edit studio shots. Mostly consisting of skin touch ups and burn tool. I try not to overdo it on studio shots!
In my camera bag
My primary will always be my Canon 5d MKiii with a 50mm lens. I LOVE the beauty shots you can get from it. The depth of field is incredible and it’s just so versatile. Secondly, will be my 24-70mm. However I’m still new to this lens so I can’t say I’ve experimented too much for it! I keep my camera bag extremely simple. It’s about the shots not the equipment!
Keep your model far away from the background to get that background dark and soft. Use a soft box on its lowest (or one of) setting whilst keeping it super close to the model, and use anything under F8 for aperture. experiment!

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