golden jackal

in this moment I did not know if the blows of my heart beat faster than the shutter of the camera

in this moment I did not know if the blows of my heart beat faster than the shutter of the camera
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Winner in Animals moving at speed Photo Challenge
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HJosey January 18, 2018
Wow!! That's an amazing shot!! :)
flexito3 January 18, 2018
Thank you
lindathomasBAhons Premium
lindathomasBAhons April 02, 2018
Jaw droppingly stunning
DianeT PRO
DianeT April 02, 2018
Congratulations on the Challenge win, you deserved it with this capture!
flexito3 April 09, 2018
Thank you
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz April 02, 2018
This is awesome! Congratulations on your Challenge Win.
flexito3 April 09, 2018
Thank you
kiwidragonfly PRO
kiwidragonfly April 02, 2018
Fully brilliant!
flexito3 April 09, 2018
Thank you
Pamelabole PRO+
Pamelabole April 02, 2018
Wow!....what a shot! You really captured the intensity and focus in the Jackals eyes....amazing focus! Congrats on your challenge win!! : )
flexito3 April 09, 2018
Thank you
barbarabrock PRO+
barbarabrock April 02, 2018
What a great shot!
flexito3 April 09, 2018
Thank you
BillW April 15, 2018
Man, this is a tough way to grab a nut for dinner. This guy looks serious!! Fantastic capture!!
howie516 PRO
howie516 April 18, 2018
Amazing photo and a beautiful gallery, love your work!
Cindybroc PRO+
Cindybroc April 30, 2018
Nature at it’s best! Great capture!
ricrog May 03, 2018
WOW! love it!
SJRatcliffe PRO+
SJRatcliffe July 17, 2018
Awesome image!!!!

Behind The Lens

This photo was made with an extraordinary wait. It was cold - 20 degrees out, yet it was worth the wait. This photo I made near a forest on an open lawn. The birds stood, and I watched them, but suddenly, out of nowhere, that waited was flying. I can not describe your emotion in words. I apologize for the bad translation.
Late afternoon on 16.01.2018 at 16.28 hours everything happened.
The lighting is natural, I have not used anything to illuminate.
Nikon d7200, Nikon 300/4f , TC 1,7, tripod Benro.
My love for nature, I love to travel and take pictures. Birds and animals,are my weakness. I love watching, them for hours, their behavior, manners is just unique. We have to fight for the saving of nature and preserve it.
Yes there, is no noise reduction and no sharpening anymore.
In my camera bag
The camera Nikon d7200, lenses nikon 300/4 f, nikon 16-80 2,8-4f, headlamp, binoculars, knife and tripod.
Bad and cold weather makes animals do incredible things. The key to success is patience and observation. I've been sitting in the binoculars to observe life in a place. Explore, find a place, and then think about how you can get the most out of it. Good luck and patience. Keep the nature, otherwise those footage would not have them. If you allow me, I will make a reference to my jackal clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PKxKnInfJo&t=8s

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