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Behind The Lens

This photo was snapped in the back garden of my dads home. I was visiting him in the snow and this little guy was around looking for food.
I had popped in to see my dad and mum and I saw some birds feeding on their bird table through the window. It was about 2.30pm that I wandered around the back of the garden with my camera to see if I could capture one feeding on the table. It was a clear day and bright due to the snow.
The light was perfect for the shot. it was bright enough not to need any extra lighting. and it meant the colours would be perfect.
I have a Canon 650D. in this shot I had the canon 18mm-300mm lens on so that I could zoom in for the right shot. it was not on a tripod. I was shooting freehand as you have to with birds moving so fast.
Sometimes it just nice to stop and stand and let nature get use to your presence and then let them act free around you. As I came around the corner to the bird table the birds scattered, so I Stood for about 45 mins waiting for the birds to come back and settle in again. After a while of popping back and going again the little robin was the one who came closest to collect the food. with my camera to my eye it hid my face and it started to act naturally. my patience paid off.
I don't like editing my photos. I feel you loose the real touch of the picture when you edit. this pushes me more and more to perfect my technique.
In my camera bag
When I go anywhere I always have my camera bag on me. My friends chuckle at me as iv always got it with me, even if I'm going for a drive to the shops. you just never know when you will need your camera. inside I have a basic setup. Canon 650D canon 18-300mm lens canon 50mm 1:4 prime lens canon shutter remote generic tripod
Be ready at all times. Have your camera on you. around us is so much beauty. I have my camera with a clean memory card in it and fully charged batteries in bag. I always have the 18mm-300mmlens on the body as its the most versatile lens for those "shot in the moment" photos. As I drive somewhere iv never been before, like in the country, I always have my camera out of my bag next to me in the passenger seat as many moments that I capture don't allow me to stop and unpack my camera. Having it to hand means I'm always ready.

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