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Nostroboy August 11, 2018
Absolutely stunning composition !
ivanferrerophoto August 16, 2018
Thankyou very much mates!!!
dwanhartner August 16, 2018
Indigoseas August 16, 2018
Congratulations whst a truly beautiful capture
Proud_Quad_Wife August 16, 2018
randyblack Jan 01
Stunning image—colors are excellent!!
its a great setting. perfect shot, lovely colours.

Lago di Braies

Beautiful lago di Braies in a rainy morning
Beautiful lago di Braies in a rainy morning
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Behind The Lens

II took it last year in the Lake of Braies during a photo-trip to Italy with two friends
It was midday, we were travelling from lake of carezza to misurina (were we will be sleeping next days). We stopped in Braies and we had to wait more than two hours until the heavy rain stopped and then...we wait until the boats were absolutely free with no tourists inside...that was the moment when I could take this shot...very very quickly as the pier was going to be closed in just a few minutes. By the way....that day was absolutely a mad journey...we did a 36 hrs non stop day, sunrise in carezza, midday in braies and later ....the full night in trecime...
The light was not good...as it was too cloudy, but at least we managed to take the shot with some reflections in the water.
This picture was taken with Sony A7-R + Zeiss 16-35F4 at 16mm. Rollei Solid alpha carbon tripod This time i didn´t use a polarizer as I wanted to capture the reflection in the water.
There are a lot of pictures in Braies Lake...but my purpose was to show the stairs in the foreground, with no other objects disturbing...just the stairs leading to the boats and the mountain. Of course I had to put the camera very very close to the floor, something that was possible thanks to my tripod.
This is a picture that doesn´t have too much post processing, I had to correct a bit the composition to take the stairs just to the bottom corners of the image and then I did some dodge an burn and minor adjustments in light and saturation. Finally I gave it a punch increasing the textures with a high pass filter aplied in the stairs and boats
In my camera bag
Nowadays I´m working with Sony A7rMIII and sony 16-35GM Beside that combo In my bag you will find Nisi filters, Sony 70-200F4, Laowa 12mm 2.8 and Samyang 35mm 1.4
In landscape it´s absolutely essential to look for a good main foreground...so...if the light it´s not good...always try to put a good foreground, leaving less room in the composition to the sky and don´t forget to take care about the hyperfocal...if it´s not enough you will need to make a focus stacking.

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