jonesaiko April 08, 2018
outstanding shot
martinbacik April 08, 2018
Beautiful model xx
reginaldojames October 11, 2018
Linda e delicada. Parabéns pela foto!
alanreid_1644 November 11, 2018
This photo is so good X 1000,000
stigfagerli November 16, 2018
Weary good

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Jan, 2018


Beautiful young girl with long hair. Oh how I wish I could show the "before" picture. Not that she isn't beautiful before, but oh my goodness, what a transformation! This girl is stunning.

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken inside the theatre I used to run. The model was one of my students. I loved that space because it was so large and had so many choices of backgrounds. But one had to go. Alas, I chose photography over theatre.
It was early afternoon after the sun had hit it's peak. It's not normally a great time of day to use natural light but the awnings over the storefront windows blocked the harsh, direct sunlight and just gave us beautiful daylight.
There is nothing like natural light for portraits. I don't know that I could ever recreate this with studio lighting.
Everything Canon. This was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III on a Manfrotto tripod. I used a 50mm lens. I prefer prime lenses because of the sharpness. However, I had the ability to move around in that space. In my current studio, I usually use my 24-105 since I don't have as much wiggle room. The images are still sharp.
This girl has no idea how beautiful she is. It was like a movie. She comes in with glasses, baggy clothes, hair back in a ponytail and then in hair and makeup she is transformed. The beauty was always there, she was just hiding it. We did basic headshots (she's an actor) and then we just messed around with different poses. This was my favorite.
Very little post was needed. I just cleaned up some stray hairs.
In my camera bag
Seriously, I could bring a couple of steamer trunks to a shoot. I'm a like a Boyscout even though I'm female and was never a Scout. I want to be prepared for everything. Of course I always have my Canon 5D. Actually I have 2. One time my camera DID break. Luckily it was at the end of the shoot. I tend to bring all my lenses--but if I have to pare down I bring my 50mm, 85mm and 25-105mm. Lens cleaner, X-Rite Color Checker, cards. I bring water, extra makeup, hairspray, combs, bobby pins, extension cords, batteries...I could go on for days. This is why I'm so tired all the time. But the best thing I have is a mirror. You have no idea how happy that makes my clients.
If you are portfolio building, look for actors. Actors give you the best expressions even if they aren't experienced models. I find you can tell actors how to pose but you can't always get a model to emote. Send the subject some pose ideas in advance, maybe on Pinterest, and tell them to practice. That makes it so much easier for both of you. But when working with people, have fun. A relaxed atmosphere is the best atmosphere.

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