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kvanweezep February 05, 2018
Thank you guys. I appreciate it ????
Photoman75 February 05, 2018
I absolutely love this capture! Immediately drew me into a fantasy/ mystical world
kvanweezep February 05, 2018
Thanks ;)! @ctsweeney
jmimages February 08, 2018
A work of art!!!
Treecy March 08, 2018
This is totally stunning
WolfEyesPhotography August 09, 2018
Really beautiful and dreamy!

Last remaining autumn





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at Sallandse Heuverug National Park, which is a 5 minute drive of my home. Actually, this time i took the bike, what i love to do when the weather is great. I had thick fog this morning and i happily found some last remaining autumn colors.
It was around 9.30. The sun was already ul for over a hour but was nowhere to see because of the thick fog.
I love foggy mornings. For me it is my favourite type of weather condition as it gives a complete other effect in a photo.
My main camera is just a Canon 600D with a Tamron 18-200mm. Ofcourse i use a tripod, to ensure maximum sharpness and full controll over my settings.
I seriously love the search for some color in a forest. And when fog comes around, it makes it more capable to put more focus om the foreground element, which in this case are ofcourse the orange leaves.
I put more focus on the leaves, as i slightly saturated it a bit. Besides that i changed the hue of the fog a bit, to slightly blue which is in line with the color theory. In the end i finished it with a Orton effect within photoshop.
In my camera bag
A canon 600D, Tamron 18-200mm, tripod, shutter remote and a variable ND filter.
Find fog, find a forest with straight trees, find some color and you’re done.

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