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Shamrocks71 December 17, 2017
Great shot!
davecurry8 December 18, 2017
Thanks! It is a beautiful place.
korinna January 31, 2018
_atombomb February 05, 2018
beautiful capture
Witmar February 15, 2018
wonderful picture
maryannebyrne_8630 February 15, 2018
journeytoinspiration February 15, 2018
This is something I've wanted to photograph for awhile. Great shot.
alexanderbegun February 16, 2018
Greate shot! But It seems this fisherman on Yangshuo river like memorial now. Only birds changes their places on the different pictures :-)
OhDaniel February 16, 2018
Very nice
BrianneMendenhall February 21, 2018
Peaceful and beautiful
nalorns March 05, 2018
creepy scene yet beautiful....
MichelleAnnHarrison March 26, 2018
Stunning image gorgeous detail
sharonotero Feb 11
RickL Mar 13
Absolutely incredible photography

Cormorant Fisherman

Cormorant Fisherman on the Li River in Xingping, China.
Cormorant Fisherman on the Li River in Xingping, China.
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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken on the Li River near Xingping. Xingping is a small town near Yangshuo in Guangxi Province, China. The location is famous for being pictured on the Chinese 20 Yuan bill.
Just after sunset.
It surprised me when the fisherman pulled out a light meter and checked the exposure. He knew the best time for the combination of natural light and the light from the lantern on his face. Using signs he made sure I focused on his beard. The lighting was difficult and I had to use a high ISO to even get a usable photo.
Canon 70D. I used a wide angle lens to capture as much of the background as possible.
Any photographer who has seen photos of these guys doesn't need an explanation of why you would want to take their photo. The cormorant fishing has basically ended and posing for these photographs gives them an opportunity to show their skills to the world. This fisherman is 88 years old and his brother who also poses is 89. They are great hams and fully realize that some of the best photographers in the world have taken their photos and they have been displayed everywhere in the world. They are very competitive and want to ensure you get the best photographs. This entire area is wonderful for photography but getting the opportunity to share some time with these guys is a highlight I won't soon forget.
I used Lightroom primarily. I also used Photoshop to remove some distracting background elements.
In my camera bag
Canon 70D with 3 zoom lenses. I have a very sturdy tripod for long exposures.
Get a ticket and go. We have been travelling for 7 years, living in 44 countries. I normally take landscape and cityscape shots but interacting with these guys has inspired me to look for more opportunities to photograph some of the interesting people we meet on our travels. A unique experience with some fascinating people.

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