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Intimate Void Room - Nr.77

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tomdurkin PRO
tomdurkin February 16, 2018
What I see in this picture is a "superwoman" who has been defeated.. Nice concept shot. It tells a story.
LWExportsInc January 13, 2020
What a fab photo! I love the simplicity xx
jerrywilliamoliverjr August 13, 2020
Your photos are amazing!
jerrywilliamoliverjr August 13, 2020
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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in the studio in Romentino, a small town near Novara in Italy.


Usually I shoot in studio late in the afternoon after my work in the office. This photo was also taken at the same time, but after taking another set of photos to allow the model to get comfortable and be ready for this type of shooting.


The management of the lights is very simple. On the model left side there is a large window high all over the wall. The diffused light coming through the window lights up the whole scene.


This series of photos is taken with a Sony A850 (today replaced by a Sony A99) and a Minolta 50mm f 1.7 lens No other equipment is involved.


This photo is part of a much wider project called "Intimate Void Room". Intimate Void Room is a large project, how large is the space that fills the frame. Inner expressions of the subjects taken up. A space that leaves freedom of reading of the picture, in a space that does not limit the subject in welldefined boundaries, although these boundaries partially emerge from light. A space that is intended to represent the enormous space and inner universe that exists deep inside the subject, as well as everyone else people. Universe of the subjects emerges definitely through emotions and expressions. A wide interior space which is not eventually clear and defined. A clean cut on the bottom of the subject photographed to tell about a desired clipping, which force the observer to complete it and at the same time to realize how incomplete is his (own) outer and inner vision. Different subjects will tell, over time, the evolution of a narrative on the same thread, that unravel emotions and inner stories always different. The same space, but always new emotions every frame. During the 2014 some photos of the project took part in a collective exhibition in Venice (ArtExpo “Future Identities”) while one in particular (Intimate Void Room Nr. 5) was selected for “Color Space: Contemporary Photography” by Black Box Gallery in Portland. You can find more pictures of the project on my official website


I don't use any particular post production. I try to take pictures that are very close to the final result. In post production for this photo I worked on the parameters of clarity, lowered the saturation and adjusted curves to get the effect you see.

In my camera bag

I always carry a little equipment. My Sony A850, a Minolta 50mm f 1.7, a Sigma 24-40 f 2.8 and a Sigma HSM 70-200 f 2.8. I always carry 3 spare batteries just in case.


There is no right or wrong way to take this kind of photographs. Technically a minimal equipment allows you to achieve excellent results. The important thing is the relationship you create with the person you're taking pictures of. My photographs focus on emotions and to be able to capture them in the best way is important that the subject is serene and in tune with himself. In portrait photography It is important that the subject's emotions guide your shots. The technicalities can come later.

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