Summer Rains
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simonparry April 15, 2018
Love it...wonderfully done.
deannagreenburg May 29, 2018
Very cool!!

Behind The Lens

I am a big believer in working with what you have and where you are - this photo was taken in my backyard! You don't always have to travel to exotic locations to get interesting shots.
It was later afternoon in June in Calgary, Alberta where I live. Typically that time of day isn't ideal to shoot in, but it had been overcast and gloomy all day as June is the rainiest month we have - our "spring". It made for some pretty even and soft light, and contributed to the feeling of the photo.
I had the subject look up just a little so his face was hit by the light and you could connect with the child a bit as a viewer. Because the light was soft and even, it was just enough to emphasize it. Even your most drab days can yield interesting shots if you look for opportunities.
I used a Canon Mark IV, a Sigma Art 50 mm at 2.0 and shot at a high shutter speed as I had to be very quick to get this one (I was getting soaked!)
This photo was inspired by a few things. On a very personal level, this photo is inspired by my youngest son. He is happy and cheery, much like the yellow coat he wore. Even though we had days and days and days of rain, he loved getting outside, and would go out and explore every day dressed in rain jackets and rain boots, no matter the weather. Which I think translates into the human experience well - how many of us have seen kids who simply get lost in the moment and experience no matter what ? Adult could learn something from that. The coat has been worn by all three of my boys, and that photo is the last time he wore it - it likely won't fit this year. What drew me to the moment was also my realization that my kids were growing up and something as simple as a raincoat was really the end of an era for myself - which is the slightly melonchony feeling in the photo. I wanted both to come across in the photo. I also love a sense of space n my photos, so I didn't go down to where he was, but stepped out into our balcony and shot from above.
I work in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I did some cloning of the grass to even a few areas out and minimize distractions. I used the luminance panels in LR and played with the greens and slightly emphasized the yellows in the shot. Not much was done in this one!
In my camera bag
I always carry my Mark IV and a variety of lenses. I am not someone who has a "go-to" or favourite lens. I like variety in my shots and like to have a few different lenses on me for that.
Shoot what has personal meaning to you - those pictures are always more interesting because you can feel the story behind them. Look for opportunity as they are all around you every day and aren't always the big moments. This shot was in front of me happening right before my eyes. All I had to do was get the camera and provide a tiny bit of direction. And finally look for different perspectives. This would have been a very different shot if I had gotten down where he was. Instead I took a different perspective and it gave a different feeling.

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