Just freedom is only a hallucination-That waits at the edge of the distant horizon-And we are all strangers in global illusion-Wanting and needing impossible heaven.





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alicepedenartime PRO+
alicepedenartime November 24, 2017
Love all the contrast.
Alwolfe Premium
Alwolfe December 15, 2017
Gorgeous black and white photo! I too agree that the contrast really makes it pop!
Amatshots PRO
Amatshots January 21, 2018
I agree with Alice and Al. Also the diferent direction makes the guidinglines very interesting.
Highland_r PRO+
Highland_r June 10, 2018
Really like the way you layer the geometry in this image. Great mixture of geometric conflict with natural correctness.
evelynhill PRO+
evelynhill June 20, 2018
You caught the lightening... I have such a hard time with that.
Love this one.