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Behind The Lens

This is a photo of Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England, UK.
This was taken in the early morning. I had driven up the night before because I was booked to photograph a wedding at Warwick Castle. On the day of the wedding, I drove up to the castle - this is not the main entrance - I got lost on my way, but caught this glimpse of the castle and wanted to photograph it. I then made my way around to the main entrance and went to meet my bride.
This wedding at Warwick Castle was a fabulous wedding and a really fun challenge. The castle is such an amazing building. The ambient lighting inside the castle is inkeeping with the age of the castle so it is very dim and not much of it! Phase I of Warwick Castle was built from 1068ad as a motte and bailey castle. It was first constructed in wood, but was rebuilt in stone possibly during the 12th century. So there is no bright lighting inside but my Nikon cameras coped very well. But it was an awesome day and I loved every minute of being the photographer at the wedding at Warwick Castle
Nikon kit. Sigma fast lenses.
I am a photographer - I take photographs all the time - anything I see that I like, I photograph it. and also I am a UK wedding photographer so I create fabulous wedding photographs of wedding couples all over England, in London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, and all over the UK.
Not much - I just edited it to black and white. that's about it.
In my camera bag
Everything I need for a day photographing a wedding. 2 cameras, 5 lenses 2 flashes, gels, magmods, plus extra lighting if needed. Sometimes I take a 2nd photographer and lighting assistant too.
Just take the photograph - take more than one photograph. Keep taking photographs. Take photographs all day and every day and then review them and you can see what has worked and what you like. The way to improve at being a photographer is to keep taking photographs.

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