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MelanieThorne November 17, 2017
1053 AD this church :)
MelanieThorne February 26, 2018
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Ryleems May 28, 2018
I love where you put the church in the composition with the bridge, I would love to see more of those clouds though. Great work!

St. Huberts Church front

I love this tiny little church full of history and very old well worth a visit if you ever get to go to Idsworth
I love this tiny little church full of history and very old well worth a visit if you ever get to go to Idsworth
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Behind The Lens

It is not too far from me but it seems to be one of the most photographed Churches
It was late afternoon and in between rain showers
My camera isn't waterproof and I didn't have a cover then, but i do like it in between showers as often once fields/grass is wet, they become so much more greener
Nikon, I didn't use a tripod
love this little Church so full of history but also the long walk up the hill
I shoot in RAW anyway so the normal basic panel in lightroom is usually what I do, I'm not really good on computers so don't know much else about what other people do to photos, I like my images to be as I remember them in my memory bank
In my camera bag
what equipment? Hmm, my small macro lens 40mm sometimes the 300mm lens, various cleaning lens/camera cloths, a beer towel particularly good for rain or shielding eye piece from the sun, when I shoot. a lip sil, waterproof cover, 2 filters, ND and polarised, a tripod or monopod, pen and sunglasses.
I like to scout out an area if I can before shooting it, on holiday of course it's not always possible, but it's nice to see where the best light comes from for your subject and on certain weather cycles, so great if it's a local shoot.

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