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Contest Finalist in Shadows Photo Contest by Focal Press
Contest Finalist in Wanderer Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Keep Walking Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in On The Move Photo Contest
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Superb Composition
Deeaitchphotography davidmcglynn brittabia DrPhrogg HJosey scottsinclair anissa_aus +66
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Chicagotreasure alincota isilvaphoto abbycaruana mdwaheed kkkevin p_eileenbaltz +34
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Absolute Masterpiece
timestopping eanreyyap Paul_Joslin bobbytaylor sophiepeelman mistumistisen lisarichardson_3346 +28
Outstanding Creativity
Ha7an SherrylM KoralC tamaraeh fionaswansonsheehan agnesschmaing Dammad +11
All Star
gaynorhenry ACPhotographer63 DaveLoucks ninahawk chuckrickman FrancEnglish frayajane1 +1
Magnificent Capture
photosdude stylianosphotography kellymarquardt marnie333 alishaclarke sigridbuene helenspurle +1
Jaw Dropping
onyanita kavance madi11w DesignByKathi Ninika gymmybob MiFleurDesign
Superior Skill
mcampi fredericas carolcardillo KayBrewer Elyzabeth
Deep13 ChrisKIELY johannesoehl
Exceptional Contrast


caballerosarahi AliZackerGalePhotography

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The Wonders of the World Photo ContestTop 10 class
The Wonders of the World Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Everything Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class
Everything Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
The Talent AwardsTop 20 class
Our Natural World Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Shadows Photo Contest by Focal PressTop 10 class
Shadows Photo Contest by Focal PressTop 10 class week 1
Wanderer Photo ContestTop 10 class
Wanderer Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Wanderer Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Tiny People Massive Landscapes Photo ContestTop 10 class
Tiny People Massive Landscapes Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Keep Walking Photo ContestTop 10 class
Keep Walking Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Keep Walking Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
Deserts Photo ContestTop 10 class
Deserts Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1


60 Comments | Report
redwriter PRO
redwriter September 24, 2010
Wonderful shot. Like the angle created by the footprints and the shadow. Nice work.
Bozzzzz September 24, 2010
Thanks so much!
lilcanuk September 24, 2010
Awesome. Makes on feel rather like an ant on this planet.
Bozzzzz September 24, 2010
Thank you!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr September 24, 2010
Fantastic capture Mike, great feel to this shot
amd0749 September 25, 2010
Great work!
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud September 25, 2010
I have no words - it is awesome!!
erikabales December 18, 2010
love this
dukeHenry January 02, 2011
great capture!!! where is this?
Candl4 January 20, 2011
Wonderful shot! Perfect!
dunniteowl February 02, 2011
Wow! I looked and then realized I could trace those footprints all the way to the very "back" of the shot. What great clarity. This is a great and emotive shot.
Bozzzzz February 02, 2011
Thanks, glad you like it.
foto3la11 PRO+
foto3la11 March 16, 2011
Incredible picture!
nitti March 17, 2011
Super play of light and shadow
otheses May 14, 2012
tsambaproductions May 14, 2012
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom May 14, 2012
very nice..
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom May 20, 2012
I came back to see if I could vote and it's not a vote contest :-(. love this pic..
ManCorMac May 20, 2012
Excellent shot.
ArtQ June 30, 2012
PhotoAlaska July 24, 2012
MiFleurDesign November 25, 2012
Absolutely superb!
rachmonte November 27, 2012
Nice one!
IsabellaD Premium
IsabellaD November 28, 2012
SUPERB shot, great potential here !
jpblitz December 02, 2012
This is really great! Voted.
gymmybob PRO+
gymmybob December 05, 2012
Striking! Voted
JoanieP PRO
JoanieP December 07, 2012
Serendipity1 December 26, 2012
tsambaproductions December 26, 2012
nitti December 26, 2012
This is great!....congrats on the award
maryhale9534 PRO+
maryhale9534 December 26, 2012
Great shot! Congrats! :)M
Redcow December 27, 2012
Beautiful shot!
desertpagan December 27, 2012
What a beautiful capture! Congrats!!!
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 December 29, 2012
Beautiful, congratulations !
ziggysofi December 29, 2012
I'm totally jealous of this shot! Lovely.
alexspasov January 03, 2013
I like the minimalism in this work, superb
deboragardiman March 15, 2013
Great!!! I love the footprint line and the shadow of the legs of the soldier. Everything is perfect, light, colour, edition, etc, but I think you are a master in composition.
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo March 27, 2013
Outstanding job! Voted!
Thimbee March 27, 2013
Terrific! Congrats
Ninika PRO+
Ninika March 30, 2013
Superb| Voted.
DesignByKathi April 01, 2013
I voted.. amazing shot..
ziggysofi April 01, 2013
Perfect! voted.
Flosno April 02, 2013
Great capture Voted
Hari_Subagio April 20, 2013
great , superb shot
HelenRea PRO+
HelenRea October 21, 2013
Just fantastic Boz and congratulations! :)))
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth February 01, 2014
Exquisite shot Boz! Voted and Good Luck!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita August 27, 2014
brilliant...jaw dropping!!!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer December 28, 2014
great lines and colors and that loooooonnnngggg shadow - wondrous!
voted Walking
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo January 14, 2015
Congrats on being a Finalist, Mike!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer January 14, 2015
Congrats on this photo being selected as Finalist in the Keep Walking contest - deserved!!
snowdon PRO
snowdon January 15, 2015
Many congratulations on your Finalist Win in Keep Walking contest
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer April 22, 2015
Mike, congratulations on Finalist in the Wanderer contest! Very much deserved.
BTW - I'm a Finalist, too!!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita April 22, 2015
congrats on being a finalist...again! Such a brilliant capture.
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo April 22, 2015
Yay, Mike! Congrats on being a Finalist!
UnkleFrank PRO+
UnkleFrank April 22, 2015
Congrats on a most deserving finalist award. Good for you.
snowdon PRO
snowdon April 22, 2015
Congratulations on your Finalist Win in the Wanderer competition
ShutterBug76 PRO+
ShutterBug76 April 25, 2015
very nice
snowdon PRO
snowdon May 11, 2015
Many congratulations on your Finalist Win in the Shadows Photography competition ... Great image
onyanita PRO+
onyanita May 11, 2015
congrats once again!!!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer May 12, 2015
Boz! Good job - finalist in the Shadows contest! Way to go!
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo June 15, 2015
Congrats on being a Finalist, again, Mike!
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz June 22, 2016
Spectacular image!!! Congratulations on your well as all other awards for this photo. :)

Behind The Lens

Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado
This shot was taken just after sunrise.
As the sun rises the shadow can be quite long and lend themselves to a great many shots featuring an interplay of light, shapes, and shadows. The sand takes on a orange/gold glow which last briefly until the sun rises and the shadows disappear.
Canon 5D MKII, Canon 24-105mm L series lens, Giotto tripod, Really Right Stuff quick release plate and ball head.
I love shooting in the desert; plain and simple.
This shot was cropped a bit and some levels adjustment was done in PhotoShop.
In my camera bag
I also have a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and a Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 wide angle. I carry around a backpack with 33 assorted Schneider Optics filters and a Lee filter holder.
Get up at 3:00 am and hike up into the sand dunes to be in place before the sunrises and also to be there before the dunes are loaded with footprints which will ruin your shots of this vista.

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