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Night is coming

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
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AylinKalan January 31, 2018
what an amazing light ,drives us to be in a legend !
antwash February 01, 2018
From acuity to ambiguity..sometimes a photographer intentionally captures a moment requiring much thought and planning or it is the right place/right time...excellent the use of natural lighting.
philippebery PRO
philippebery February 01, 2018
Thank you for all your comments ! :)
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth February 02, 2018
So beautiful and surreal.
philippebery PRO
philippebery February 02, 2018
Thank you ! Surreal yes it was !
natalienikolaidis February 03, 2018
Gorgeous! The purple cloth hanging. On balcony unites all the colors!
stxpor April 29, 2018
simplicity and great use of skills, this is a real great good job
matej007 May 01, 2018
Great picture of Venice

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Venice, Italy during a trip. Travelling is a great opportunity to learn more and more !
I was walking by the end of the day around 7:00PM. When I crossed this bridge, a surrealistic sensation was filling me… I was alone, nobody there … except the coldness et the light. I thought I was in a story that someone was telling me...
The light was decreasing bit by bit. Only blue, orange, dark and... cold light … Yes I was cold ! I had to bring it back to my home. Sometimes, you’re in the right place at the right time. Incredible !
I used a 5D mk II and a 70-200 F4 L IS USM. I didn’t had my tripod this time, so I had to lean on the bridge to shoot at 1/50.
I don’t know ! My mind was telling me to shoot… what I did ! In fact, I’m very fond of cinema, so when I find some surrealistic scene, I'm excited ! Natural et artificial lights melted together in the cold : that was my inspiration !
Yes. I had to accentuate what I shot. So I have to increase black, blue, and orange values. I under exposed the final result too just to add a little more drama, and I increased bokeh to make the atmosphere coldest and enigmatic.
In my camera bag
Just add my favourite 35 and 85 1.4 ART to my travel bag and that’s all !
What a difficult question for me ! If you are like me, listening to you is the most important advice I can give. If you plan to take a picture because you want it like this, with this light, these colours, I think you have to go to the scene several times, at different time of the day (and different day of the year if it is possible). I usually not plan my pictures … I’m just listening what I’m feeling at the moment ! If my mind say « shoot now » then I shoot :) Of course you have to know which lens, which shutter speed, and aperture to use in order to expose what your mind is thinking about but … they are just tools to build your mental picture. So, my advice is "stay concentrated whenever you go, be ready, just to listen to what you are seeing !"

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