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verona (italy)

verona (italy)
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marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
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Behind The Lens

i took this picture close to the city where i was born , Verona / italy It's the city of romeo and juliet for the shooting we used a Volkswagen T2 , very very hippie style we were in the country a friend of mine, a car restorer, procured this particular vintage Van and he used to drive it around, while i was looking for the right location with us, 2 amazing young girls, from Albania and Russia. very professional and nice models
i remember it was a saturday afternoon and it was a very hot summer day. it's been a very tiring and busy day, but very funny too.
i always try to use the natural light, as much as possible when i need more light, sometimes i use a reflective panel, but for this picture, with the girls inside the van, i used my speedlite flash to light the interior, 'cause the sun was low and we were surrounded by large trees
my digital Canon camera , a 35mm lens and a speedlite flash
I wanted to recall the freedom and ingenuity of the hippie era. two girls in a van, friendship, sweetness, no phone, no fuc***ing selfies
yes. i did i use camera raw and pshop
In my camera bag
canon camera flash speedlite 50mm / 35mm lens / 55-250mm lens soaked wipes (guys..don't forget em never!)
I would not like to give technical advices. I think one very important thing that is often underestimated ,is the organization. this shooting required a lot of preparation. I had to agree with a friend and he had to recover a T2 van and then I had to match the commitments of two models. and check the weather. it's not easy. it takes passion. so , my advice is : take photography with great passion!! thanks stefano tieni

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