Dear Deer is having rest

Deer was having rest in the evening. Richmond park London is one of the biggest park in west London and hundreds of antler habitate there....
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Deer was having rest in the evening. Richmond park London is one of the biggest park in west London and hundreds of antler habitate there.
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Djacqu April 26, 2018
sumangurung April 28, 2018
Thanks a lot
Mcrosagar PRO+
Mcrosagar May 19, 2018
Amazing pic
sumangurung June 14, 2018
thanks a lot sagarag.
sumangurung February 28, 2019
If anybody wants to shoot deer please visit Richmond park, London. you will get a lot of chances to get various poses of antlers.

Behind The Lens

One of the best Park around London, Richmond Park. If anyone wants to take photo of Deer please be there.
One of my favourite shot and been so close to the Deer as photographer, I was excited and got goosebumps while taking photo of this huge and beautiful Male Deer. Anytime you go there you will see group of Different types of Deer. I took this photo in the afternoon.
Just go with your camera and lens but zoom lens please. Don't use flash that will distract wildlife. At least I don't prefer.
I always carry camera three lens flash and reflector but only sometime tripod. This time I used camera and lens only.
I love nature and wildlife. Capturing them in my frame is so self satisfying, natural inspiration.
I always work on light after taking pictures.
In my camera bag
It's heavy but weight doesn't make sense when you are in love with nature and wildlife. Camera, three lens(prime, wide angle and zoom), flash, reflector and tripod including personal stuffs(chocolate, water and food).
If you are in love with nature and wildlife you don't need anybody to inspire you. Just love them, keep patients and capture them silently.

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