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Looking up at the camera

Looking up at the camera
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marcbaechtold PRO+
marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
nice work! Some nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
bryxter PRO
bryxter May 29, 2018
Thank you Marc.
RamyDelariarte May 30, 2018

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in a studio on grey seamless paper. My studio is located in Aurora, Colorado.
This photo was taken midday, however, the time of day for this photo will not have an impact on the quality. This was taken as a lighting test for a family session.
Studio lighting for this shot. This was a 2 light setup, both lights being at approximately 45 degrees off of the subject. The light's used was a profoto 7b. The main light was fired with a 6ft octo soft box. Second light was rectangular grid | soft.
Sony A7ii Handheld Flash: Profoto 7b Lens: Sony 24-70 G Master Aperture: f2.8 Shutter Speed: 1/160 ISO: 50
In almost every photo session I do, I try to find something unique to test. This time, my service dog, Reagan, was the unique subject. I was setting up the studio and Reagan, as always assists by being in front of me. Reagan was looking up at me after I connected the flash and chose to capture his epic smile!
Minor post-processing - Lightroom only I enabled the profile correction | increased the exposure by a stop | brought the highlights down by 2.5 stops | increased the whites and blacks a touch | increased the clarity up about halfway. No color corrections.
In my camera bag
Anymore there is no normal. I am very specific depending on what I am shooting. Single person portraits I keep a 70-200 G Master as a main and a 24-70 G Master on my second body. Currently, I use a Sony A7ii as a main body and a Sony a6000 as my secondary.
Be in the moment. Some of my most favorite images were taken of the one object I was not there to capture. Art is relative and almost always there will be an appreciation for the captured image. I have only taken a few photos of my service dog, but I plan on doing this more...simply because puppies make almost everyone smile! As for the mechanics of the image, even I am unhappy that his eyes are not in focus, mainly because of my focal point and depth of field for the test shot. I plan on doing more photos and adjusting my depth of field and aperture to better capture the distance between the nose and eyes straight on. Thank you for reading and thank you for the selection.

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