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Thank you all for your kind words. I appreciate all of you and am grateful for your support! :)
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Wow, it looks so surreal! I love the lighting and the sun rays! Magnificent!
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Lg Romy
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Autumn Rays

Legacy Gardens - Holladay Utah

Legacy Gardens - Holladay Utah
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my Grandfathers house outside in his yard. The property is just shy of 2 acres and is called 'Legacy Gardens'. It has one of the most diverse species of trees from all around the world in the state of Utah. I helped my Grandfather build his home and construct his yard nearly 20 years ago and have been doing property maintenance there on and off for 18 years. The University of Utah as well as Red Butte Gardens tours the property to see all the different varieties of trees here which makes me proud of all the hard work I have put in here. It was here that I learned about photography and was self taught for a couple years when I fell in love with it. Photography is now a passion of mine and I continue to learn and expand my skills on a daily basis.
This stunning moment was captured one November morning in Fall of 2016 when the autumn colors were in full peak. It was between 8 and 10 AM and actually took me a couple weeks to get the shot I wanted because the sun had to be just right peeking over the house to illuminate the leaves of the trees as well as the dust in the air had to be just right creating the sun rays.
The atmosphere and lighting is what makes this such a powerful shot. The timing had to be just right with the sun peeking over the house. What's interesting is that in order to get the sun rays in camera I would kick up dust using a leaf blower and then quickly take a few shots with my camera already setup in position with my tripod.
This was shot using my first DSLR which was a Canon Rebel T5 with a kit lens and a Manfrotto Tripod.
I came across the idea while blowing leaves and there happened to be really fine dirt in this area which kicked it up in the air and it would stay for what seemed like a long time and so I tried every morning to get this shot for several days before I finally got the image I wanted and had envisioned in my head.
I didn't do much post work on this image at all. I used Lightroom to Lower the highlights and raise the shadows. Increased the contrast and saturation slightly and then sharpened a little bit.
In my camera bag
I now use a Nikon D7500 and a tripod. I also use a polarizing filter. I like to keep it simple.
Being patient for the right light is key. Having your position and composition set up as well as your settings dialed in beforehand so that when the light is just right you can take as many photos as you can at the time without missing a moment.

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