My white silk shirt.

Rebecca Leah in the doorway to the bedroom set at Fine and DanDee studio..

Rebecca Leah in the doorway to the bedroom set at Fine and DanDee studio..
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ChibaBob November 11, 2017
Beautiful shot.

Behind The Lens

This image was taken during a photo shoot with Rebecca Leah at Fine and DanDee’s studio in Wokingham, UK. The model was posed in the doorway from the office into the boudoir set.
Indoors in the afternoon. Some daylight coming in from the windows on the wall to the right.
Main lighting in the boudoir set was a Bowen’s 300W/S flash head on about half power with a large square softbox using an RF trigger. Soft fill light in the office was a mix of daylight and an off camera Yongnou 860ii flash on a low power setting set off to the left of the camera. RF trigger also used on the off camera flash.
The picture was taken on my Nikon D200, using the standard 18-55mm f3.3 lens set on f6.3 at a focal length of 38mm with a shutter speed of 1/100 sector sync with the flash heads. ISO was set to 800 although I normally shoot at ISO100 in the studio.
We were just moving from one set to the boudoir set and seeing my model in the doorway just looked right so we did a series of shots there of which this is one.
I try to get the shots right in camera but have to post process to get the best out of the images. At the time of this shot I was post processing in ACDSee 9 Ultimate but now using ACDSee ultimate 2018.
In my camera bag
Nikon D200 with hand grip and dual battery holder, Nikon F401s and Nikon F401x, one loaded with colour film and one with Black and White film, Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm DX VRII, Nikkor 50mm f1.4, Nikkor 70-300mm, Nikkor 35-70mm, Nikkor 35-105mm and a Nikkor 28-100mm (these last two on the film cameras although they can be used on the D200), 2 flash triggers and 4 receivers, CF cards and spare films. In two other bags I carry the studio flash heads and lighting stands and tripods.
Balancing the lighting was the difficult part as there was daylight coming in through red Venetian blinds. In the boudoir set the Bowen’s flash was positioned close to the windows and set to illuminate the white walls so there was a very diffused light source. The fill flash was set to illuminate the subject but not cast hard shadows.

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