Treport Rooftops toytown

Treport Rooftops
Treport Rooftops
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Contest Finalist in TiltShift Effect Photo Contest
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Top 30 class week 1

Behind The Lens

the photograph was Taken at Le Tréport in Normandy, Northern France.
Early afternoon which was ideal as the cloud cover had a lovely soft effect on the lighting.
Lighting was ideal - with the clouds acting like a large umbrella making light was soft and even.
Pentax Ricoh GR - Quality hand held, 'point and shoot' camera.
It was the symmetry, the detail that could be seen in the different rooftops that inspired me. Although the pattern was consistent, each building had it's own detailed characteristics which in themselves, and it just looked like something i had to record - Amazing to see.
The image was cropped quite tight. This is a testament to the Ricoh GR as the finest of details have been retained. The 'TiltShift' effect was also added post processing as I felt it gave the image a greater depth - even to the point where the houses looked lilliputian. Apart from this I made the usual adjustments with contrast, saturation and levels in Photoshop CC.
In my camera bag
It's usually Canon all the way with me. Most of my images are taken using my Canon 5D MKIII and 24-70 2.8L Lens combination.This is my standard kit and although I have other lenses and cameras to hand, namely my 16-35 2.8L and 70-200 2.8L Lenses, I most often use the above config. Where either space or time does not permit the use of the above I use my Pentax Ricoh GR.
I love candid shots of this nature. While I spend hours in my studio with complex lighting setups required for portraiture and still life commissions, and I'm often seen lugging heavy kit around, I find there is nothing more satisfying then getting the occasional 'Grab Shot' which at the end of the day this image is. I cannot claim that I had envisaged the final image, or used loads of equipment after waiting ages for the light, but I did have my small point and shoot Ricoh camera with me and was fortunate enough to be in the 'right place at the right time.' - As such my advice is to invest in a good qualiy point and shoot camera and carry it with you when ever possible.

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