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Behind The Lens

I took my daughter out for a walk around the lake. In Fredericton, New Brunswick, we walked around before going for an ice cream! She was very excited for ice cream, so she was great taking photos with because of that!
After lunch, we decided to take a nice walk around the lake before getting ice cream, and it was getting closer to suppertime when the sun was coming down.
When the trees are in the way of the sunlight, that created beautiful shadows that I would use to capture some beautiful photos of my daughter.
No tripod, no fancy flash, just myself, daughter, and my Canon T3i with the basic still in lens that comes with it
My daughter loves to be in front and behind the camera at the age of three! She has a beautiful smile, and beautiful model to take photos of, and loves helping me out with that!
I love black-and-white photos. However, the hat needed to be an important focal point because of how much she loves that hat!
In my camera bag
I try to keep it simple. I don’t want to spend too much time with you here, and would rather spend it with my daughter. So I just bring my camera,and a tripod. That’s it.
When you have a great connection with whom ever you are aware, it makes it easier to capture a photo you want. When your model is comfortable, you can capture your happiness and the time of the day matters. Taking photos is an art form, and not about the technical abilities of the camera.

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