nelsonjose June 25, 2017
Awesome picture
JohnCookPhotography July 05, 2017
Simply awesome
Bernard3616 July 10, 2017
Just awesome!
pietnel July 29, 2017
Gorgeous beautiful eyes love it
Commish July 31, 2017
Beautiful photo
Subham1984 August 01, 2017
Gorgeous...mind blowing
ucarr64 August 02, 2017
"I appreciate the Bentley, two-toned silver suits me... but we're still getting divorced."
danielmartin Mar 05
Delicate, soft light, and beautiful pose... Bravo!
A stunning portrait!

kochalskim Aug 21
asrajesh Dec 02

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Jun, 2017


In the studio with Model- Jasmine-Lee Price

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Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Curator's ChoiceJuly, 2017


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Behind The Lens

In my studio, It was winter so plenty of heating as well
Taken in the morning around 11am
I started the shoot with 3 x strobes but kept striping it back. In the end I used 2 x constant daylight balanced lights the main light was softened with a soft box and an extra defuser hung in front to give the softest light possible, there was one light on the backdrop as well also defused with a soft box.
Camera was a Canon 1Ds Mk111 , lens was a Sigma 85mm f1.4, Constant daylight balanced lighting well defused as I find constant lights very harsh. I very rarely use a tripod as I like to move about a lot.
I was shooting for a fashion designer that day and when we were finished the model ( Jasmine Lee Price ) was sitting on the floor so I told her to stay there and changed the lighting and shot kneeling slightly above her head line.
Post processing consisted of some skin softening but very little as I was shooting wide open at F1.4 and only the eyes, lips and chin are in focus. I also changed the colour of the backdrop as it was grey and I wasn't using any jells at that stage, I tried to pick up some of the skin colours. Some very light dodging and burning which I kept to a minimum as I wanted a soft feel not to much contrast
In my camera bag
way to much equipment but usually carry 2 x bodies, 2 flash, 4 to 5 lenses, triggers and a light meter and some spare batteries, my laptop and various leads.
I never go into a shoot with hard and fast rules, not to say I don't plan because I do I plan every thing down to the last detail , but as the shoot goes on I usually come up with other ideas and go off on other tangents. I think any creative mind does this regardless of what you shoot. As far as this image goes I know I wanted a slightly high angle, I wanted a soft feel and I wanted the model to shine. I also shot wide open at f1.4, It's one of my favourite shots and I'm glad other people like it. I find that simple shots like this work just as well as a setup theme shoot.

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