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Vetchies Pier, Durban





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TrevJel January 11, 2014
great shot, well done
lindywalker January 11, 2014
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta June 05, 2014
Wonderful shot. Congratulations.
Cobble-Art PRO+
Cobble-Art June 05, 2014
Very nice!
Alannixon PRO+
Alannixon June 05, 2014
Thanks everyone for the feedback, much appriciated : )
WileKyK PRO+
WileKyK June 05, 2014
A really cool, edgy shot. Congratulations on your Feature!
manueltcanseco June 05, 2014
Beautiful capture!
iceman2 June 05, 2014
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
traceprinslooreppin June 05, 2014
...congratulations on your Feature :-)
Alannixon PRO+
Alannixon June 05, 2014
Thanks again everyone, awesome feedback : )
lito June 05, 2014
Bannekh June 05, 2014
Great shot
LionesLens June 05, 2014
aayushmathur June 05, 2014
Lovely shot. Congrats!
Vash01Photo PRO
Vash01Photo June 06, 2014
Awesome shot!
jane_koranda June 06, 2014
Beautiful.. love how the lights look like stars....
gary_uk June 06, 2014
Excellent capture. Congrats
NydiaSRobles PRO+
NydiaSRobles June 06, 2014
Magnificent image!
drakkardarkblade June 06, 2014
lauraphotography June 08, 2014
Imannezami June 08, 2014
Great shot cheers
redwriter PRO
redwriter June 08, 2014
Great capture. Congrats. - Jake
LaurieS PRO+
LaurieS June 15, 2014
roberto67 June 23, 2014
The sort of shot that stops you in your tracks to just look and look - exceptional.
some1sangel Premium
some1sangel June 25, 2014
beautiful lighting and intensity.
Lincsdna PRO+
Lincsdna November 20, 2014
Superb composition, great timing for exposure, not too long at 4seconds to still give details in the waves, another great shot, well done, Lincoln :)
ori PRO
ori February 17, 2015
love the composition!
AliAlzuhair July 08, 2015
SVPhotos PRO
SVPhotos August 25, 2015
nandicmb October 08, 2015
Congratulations on your Contest Finalist win in Resource Travel Inspiration Photo Contest vol1

Behind The Lens

Vetchi's pier is one of the must have shots if you live in Durban. The restaurant at the pier always adds a point of interest as well as the lights along the pier. it also has a shallow beach which gives lovely reflections on a low tide.
I had mad a point of shooting the pier and I'm always up early looking at the clouds in hope of a beautiful sunrise. And that means about 4am in Summer in Durban. This particular day it didn't look promising but with the weather you never know. So off I went ever hopeful. this was taken at 04:15. Early mornings are something of a lifestyle if you enjoy land or seascape photography.
Light is an important factor in all photography, but even more so in landscape photography as you have no control over what the light is going to do. Which can be exciting though as you can plan for one scenario but but just don't know what is going to happen and you have to make a plan quickly when it doesn't happen. This case in particular. With a gloomy sky and no sun rise I decided to use the lights on the pier as the point of interest as they illuminated the pier and created a good leading line to the end of the pier.
I had just upgraded to a 5DmkIII combined with a Canon 24-105mm. So was chuffed to be out there shooting with it, and it didn't let me down. Ideally you should be using a wider lens for landscapes but again, it all depends how effectively use your equipment. The full frame did help as well. I use a sturdy tripod which can be a bit heavy to slog up and down a beach but when you are likely to be ankle deep in a strong backwash you need sturdy equipment to steady your shot.
It was a gloomy morning but tried to make the most of it and was really pleased with the result. One thing you learn quickly with landscape photography, is that there are no guarantees with the weather, so just crack on and make another plan, don't waste the morning! You might just be surprised with what you can get.
I always use lightroom to balance the light and white balance in my photographs. In the The raw file the sky was warmer and more grey so adding some contrast and cooling the white balance gave it a great mood. Then I just lifted the lights and restaurant at the end of the pier. Then a slight vignette to help the mood, important not to over do a vignette.
In my camera bag
My Canon 5DmkIII is my go to body. Lens wise, If I'm outdoors, first in my pack is the Canon 16-35 2.8 then the Canon 70-200 2.8 + 2x extender for any opportunity I see of people, dogs or anything interesting on the beach. I always have a flash plus diffuser, a spare battery, plenty of memory cards, a couple of filters, remote release, soft cloth for wiping the lens, torch or headlamp, pocket knife and a small towel. Being a seascape photographer, your camera getting splashed is not a case of if, but when!
Seascape photography really takes an effort. You need to know you tides, watch the weather and always try do a recce of the spot you have chosen. Being prepared is key, if it looks like fair weather still take a windbreaker as the weather can turn. Pack the night before, because you have to be up early, you're bound to forget something if you pack and you go. And speaking of time, you need to be on your spot about half an hour before twilight, this will give you enough time to find the best composition and then wait for the magic to happen. Happy shooting!

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