Maternity and pregnancy photography

Fine art maternity ans pregnancy photography in studio

Fine art maternity ans pregnancy photography in studio
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Contest Finalist in Motherhood Photo Contest 2017
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pietnel July 07, 2017
Beautiful gorgeous shot

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in our studio in Lyon (France). It's a perfect place for us to play with light and catch this moment of maternity.
This photography was taken in october 2016 at 11h30. We usually take the time to make one hour of photography with mum and dad to have a real complicity before starting this kind of image with hidden nudity.
We wanted to get a semi-darkness photography. We have set a soft light on her hair and to lights on both sides derected only on the model and not on the background. We also added a soft light on our textured wall.
This was shot on Nikon D610 with an 28-70mm F/2.8 lens, two umbrellas, two light bowl (both elinchrom)
We saw in Vanity Fair (1991 cover with Demi Moore) one of the first maternity photography made in studio. We thought about trying to do it a few years later. One day (around 2008) we tryed to wrap up with a sheet one of our client and everybody told us that it was a great idea so we decided to continue and improve our technique.
Yes a lot, even when a model is perfect there is always something thant you can ad to make the picture the way you want it to be at the end. We play with frequency, dodge and burn and ad moore texture. About the texture we like to tell you that we have been inspared by two amazing photographers : Sean Archer and Dennis Drozhzhin.
In my camera bag
Mainly we have everything in our studio and shoot in studio. We change a lot everytime we feel that one or another gear will help us to get clother to the result we are looking for. We are Nikon ....
Play with studio light until you get cloth to this result, don't try to do a similar shot, get inspire and make your own you will be suprise ....

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