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FredBlundell April 20, 2017
Superb artistry!
BKremerPhoto May 03, 2018
Thank you!
BKremerPhoto March 08, 2018
Thank you!

Standing Guard





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a small Lake in Minnesota.
It was in the afternoon, somewhere between 3 and 4pm.
Not really. I was fortunate that that side of the lake gets nice lighting that time of day without being overpowered. There are a lot of trees and tall vegetation that contributed to reducing the intensity of the sun.
Nikon D810 with the Tamron 70-30mm lens. I did not use a tripod or a flash. I was on a pontoon boat, so I was able to open the side door and lay on my stomach. I increased my shutter speed in order to help reduce any blur from the subtle movement of the water, the lake was relatively calm that day.
My husband and I love loons. His goal is for me to put a photo book together of my loon photos. When we saw the turtle standing on the nest with the loon it seemed like a unique opportunity. I took several pictures to make certain that I did not miss this moment.
Not much. At the time I only had Adobe Elements 14. The only post-processing would be cropping and adjusting the contrast and lighting. It was very minimal.
In my camera bag
Normally I have a Nikon D810, Tamron 24-70mm, Tamron 70-300mm and a Nikon 50mm (f/1.8). I carry my Yongnuo YN685 speedlight just in case a flash is needed. I just added to my bag the Tamron 150-600mm - still playing with it, but it is a great lens! I also carry a Rogue Flashbender 2, backup battery and backup memory card.
For me it's been patience. We went out several times photographing loons and other wildlife. I took a few random photos that day to make sure I had the settings that would give me the best light and color. I shoot in manual mode, so I wanted to make sure my ISO and f-stop were basically set where I would want them - I get so frustrated with myself when I get that rare moment for a unique photo and I didn't make sure I switched my settings for outdoors. I have generally found when it is sunny out that a low ISO (100-200) with a mid-range f-stop (4-7), tend to give me clearer pictures. But, it is also dependent on the time of day and weather conditions. Take several photos in the moment - you just never know what you might capture.

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