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Rust and chrome make this Hudson a beautiful site!

Rust and chrome make this Hudson a beautiful site!
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ambertrudi March 18, 2018
loripeterson PRO
loripeterson Aug 07
I don't understand what all the question marks are about.
billiew2904 March 19, 2018
I love this photo!
mscott207 PRO+
mscott207 March 19, 2018
Sensational!! I love this to pieces!
Photoman75 March 27, 2018
Lori! this is really great. especially with its decaying body. love it :)
Photoman75 May 10, 2018
Great capture Lori. I love the patina on this here beauty. Chris :)
danielsolorio_1097 PRO+
danielsolorio_1097 December 22, 2019
i love these classic and vintage cars!

Behind The Lens

A friend of mine builds custom dragsters and this is one of the cars he has behind his business. He uses the parts and even sometimes the older body of the car to create these custom cars. I have to crawl around weeds, old bumpers and whatever else is out there to get to my favorites, but they are completely worth it.
This was shot around 6:00 pm. It's one of my favorite cars there so I take a lot of photos of it. I love to walk around and look at the different cars and find new perspectives to shoot them.
It's all natural. No flash. I love the natural colors of the rust and the shine on the logo.
It was shot with a Canon 70D, f/3.2 and ISO 400. No flash.
My dad was a mechanic and he loved vintage cars and he passed that love of old cars onto me. The unrestored cars with their rust and decay are reminders to me of some of the old cars he would look at and gather parts from when he worked. Even with the rust, decay and their ripped apart interiors, I still find beauty in these vintage cars.
Just some sharpening and that was pretty much it. The cars are beautiful on their own and don't need a lot of help from me to showcase that!
In my camera bag
My 5DM2, 70D, batteries, memory cards and an assortment of lenses, including my favorites which are a 24-105 and a fisheye lens.
Just let the beauty of the moment shine through without doing a whole lot of post processing. These old cars are imperfectly perfect.

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