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animalartist June 08, 2017
This really pleases me- beautifully composed.
Dano351 December 09, 2018
Thank you!
keepclicking November 27, 2018
Brilliant capture
Dano351 December 09, 2018
Thank you!
Fabulous capture. Well done.
daveseye Jan 18
You must have sat there for days to get this one. Bravo!
BillW Jan 26
Stunning image!! Very nicely done!!

Snowy Owl

A snowy owl touches down onto a fence post during a snow squall.
A snowy owl touches down onto a fence post during a snow squall.
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Behind The Lens

A friend and I went out hiking through a very mucky farmers field, about 15 minutes into our hike we saw this beautiful white bird flying across the field towards us. We got our camera's pressed against our faces and stated to shoot this ghost like silent creature. It landed on this post which it looked like it was there frequently by the mess on the fence post. We shot some stills of it sitting on the pole which is what they mainly do and also just admired this creatures strength as it is always braving the elements of winter.
It was late afternoon in the middle of a snow squall.
Natural lighting with the sun setting in the west of the subject, we were facing east while shooting the raptor.
I used a Canon 70D with a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lense.
Ever since spotting my first Snowy Owl I have admired these magical creatures and every winter I make a point of going out on a regular basis to try and get good images of them. I have a large print of this hanging in my living room for all who fisit to see and admire. It's always a topic of conversation when they ask if I took the shot.
I always edit with Adobe Lightroom. I sharpen the image try to bring any noise levels down, bring the colours out a little more, adjust the shadows to my liking and bring the clarity up a little.
In my camera bag
My bag is very full. Sigma 1.4X Range Ext. Yongnuo 560III Flash Yongnuo Trigger Spare Batteries for Camera and Flash Cleaning Equip. 50mm 1.8f Lense 18-130mm Lense Vanguard Travel Tripod Duct Tape (Blk) Clamp for Off Camera Flash (if needed)
Just get out and enjoy the nature around you, I always have my cell phone loaded with the Audubon App in case I need to use any of the calls. Going out just before the Sun rises or of course close to the golden hour as lighting is always great at those times of the day and will compliment your nature shots. Plan how you will compose your shot if possible, nature doesn't always co-operate with you or go by your schedule. Study up on the subject you're shooting to know a little about it's habbits and where to look for them and at what time of day you have a better chance of spotting them.

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