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Equine Portrait

An Australian Thoroughbred racehorse yearling

An Australian Thoroughbred racehorse yearling
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a local racing stables where I have a few shares in horses.
This was taken about mid morning.
The lighting in this photo is all natural but the light source illuminated this guy’s beautiful face while the darker background adds some contrast.
I used the Canon 700D with my favourite lens, the Canon L series 70-200mm 2.8. I love this lens, it is super versatile. I’ve found it great for beautiful portraits like this, as well as landscape work and action shots.
This was the matter of being at the right place at the right time! I have a real passion for horses and he was just looking in the right direction for this super flattering shot. Anyone who has tried equine photography knows that there is always an element of luck in getting photos like this as animals are not always cooperative to your cause.
Editing this photo in monochrome really brought a real peaceful feel to it. The colour photo was lovely but this image has more of an impact I feel. I upped the clarity and contrast slightly but other than that did not change a lot from the original image.
In my camera bag
My 70-200mm is probably my favourite lens to have due to its versatility and the beautiful images it can create. When photographing horses this is definitely my go to. As I like to dabble in astrophotography I also generally have a tripod, remote and a wider angle lens.
When working with horses it can be very helpful to have an assistant who can get the horse’s attention (away from you). Horses are curious creatures and will want to be in your face! Also stay safe, particularly if you don’t have experience around these animals. Horses are big, incredibly strong animals that can bite, kick out and spook out of nowhere.

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