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my son came home from a couple years in Australia, now he is off to Africa

my son came home from a couple years in Australia, now he is off to Africa
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sherylgraboski September 23, 2018
The rough, cold steel and sharp gravel looks inviting due to the warm colours shown in this photo. I love it!
AdirahsEyes September 23, 2018
Great shot. All goes so well together..love the side glance.
Pidge815 PRO+
Pidge815 September 24, 2018
Great capture!
PhillipJGordonPhotography September 24, 2018

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken a short distance from my home near the coast in beautiful British Columbia
This was late afternoon as the sun was not high in the sky, such a great time of day to shoot
With such a great cloud cover there were no sharp shadows or over exposure
I used my canon 80D with a 24-70mm Canon lens, such a great combination for moving about outside
my son had decided he wanted to travel the world while he was still young and free, so purchased a ticket to Australia. I knew I may not see him again for months or possibly even years. He was kind enough to let me take him to the tracks to snap a few photos before he flew to the other side of the world the next day.
I like to use Lightroom to download and adjust the contrast, the highlights and sometimes and a bit of the shadows. With this photo I emphasized the continuity of the colour and hue of the environment
In my camera bag
When I bring a camera bag, I always have a spare battery and spare memory cards, with this shoot, there was nothing else
Railroad tracks are excellent to use for leading lines in a composition. It really does help if the photo has a story behind it too, like this one does, my heart was into it. Both my son and myself knew that these pictures would be special memories and a transitional time, captured forever.

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