Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 13

"Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 13" - Stitched panoramic photograph taken at sunset of boulders near Hidden Beach, Lake Tahoe. ...
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"Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 13" - Stitched panoramic photograph taken at sunset of boulders near Hidden Beach, Lake Tahoe.
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People's Choice in Pano's Photo Challenge
People's Choice in Intense Colours Photo Challenge
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Superb Composition
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JayneBug buzman joestanley GinnnyB GBen picture_perfect2016 cricketnrp +1
Absolute Masterpiece
RMCROC jamesjohnston_3471 Steve_Thomas pacinodeppfan1 MERCEDESS naomiwomack davidbarton_2098
Magnificent Capture
bobbytaylor71 efimbirenbaum ArizonaGriz14
Outstanding Creativity
lavonneripley nornots
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jamesjohnston_3471 PRO
jamesjohnston_3471 October 09, 2017
Congratulations! This is a really stunning image.
ScottShot October 09, 2017
Thank you James!
bobbytaylor71 PRO
bobbytaylor71 Jan 17
Stunningly beautiful ... Congrats on your awards.

Behind The Lens

Near Hidden Beach, on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. I shot it with my photographer friend Tony Spiker. If you look carefully, you can see Tony in the photo, getting his own shot.
This is a 16 shot stitched panoramic photo so it was shot between 7:52 pm and 7:56 pm on August 21, 2016. Each exposure was 10 seconds long.
The light from the sunset was incredible. I did use two graduated neutral density filters in order to balance the foreground light with the sky.
Canon 5D Mark II, 17-40L lens, tripod, 2 graduated ND filters, shutter release cable.
The east shore of Lake Tahoe is a favorite area of mine to shoot. The granite boulder filled shoreline provides incredible photogenic opportunities. The sunset and the light this evening were calling for a wide panoramic shot, this was about 180 degrees wide. I wasn't planning on shooting a panoramic shot but sometimes you have to let the light direct the composition.
Yes, I used Photoshop's photomerge feature to stitch 16 vertical photos. I also brought out more shadow and highlight detail, and made more basic adjustments in each image using Photoshop's RAW converter.
In my camera bag
At the time of this shot, I had a Canon 5D Mark II and 1Ds Mark III. But now I just carry a 5Dsr. I also usually have a 16-35L, a 24-105L, a 100-400, Lee grad ND filters and polarizing filter, shutter release cable, and spare batterys. I usually have a flash, and Gary Fong Lightsphere, and a tripod. Oh, I usually have a headlamp, water bottle, cooking cup, little alcohol stove, a dehydrated meal, a knife, small water filter, and sometimes a rain poncho/tarp.
Get out there! Spend more time outdoors at sunset and sunrise and you'll get lucky with incredible colors every once in a while. Even when you get somewhat of a dud sunrise or sunset, consider it practice and get out there again. Lake Tahoe's east shore offers tons of areas for finding unique compositions and when you face west at sunset, you can sometimes get super bright intense colors. Polarizing filters can help bring out Tahoe's blue waters even more.

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