JDLifeshots March 30, 2017
Beautiful! Congrats.
Pamelabole March 30, 2017
Wonderful B &W capture....beautiful! Congrats on your People's Choice Award!! : )
photonblender March 30, 2017
Thank you both for your kind comments!
Egoryan May 11, 2018
it's just a fantastically beautiful picture!
tonyarobinson May 11, 2018
Beautiful absolutely beautiful
bobbytaylor71 May 15, 2018
Stunning b/w image ... Congrats on your awards, well done.
RamyDelariarte May 24, 2018
keepclicking October 21, 2018
Love this
annetteflottwell December 07, 2018
great conversion and point of view

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Dec, 2016

Stormy skies

Bad weather approaching over the wreck, Donegal.

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Won Contest Finalist in A Storm Is Coming Photo ContestMay, 2018
Won People's Choice in Best of black and white Photo ChallengeMarch, 2017


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Behind The Lens

This is the well-known wrecked boat at Bunbeg, Co. Donegal, Ireland. It has attracted photographers for many years, but unfortunately, it is now breaking up. You can see from the photograph that it is in a very exposed location, and it gets battered from frequent Atlantic storms such as the one seen arriving in the picture.
It was taken at around 4pm in late November, just as it was about to get dark. The sun was very low and occasionally peeped through beneath the clouds, producing fleeting but spectacular lighting.
I think stormy weather often produces great lighting, but you have to be prepared to act quickly, as the opportunity is soon gone.
I was using my new Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens on a Nikon DSLR. It was hand-held, using ambient lighting.
I don't visit this location very often, and I got lucky on this day as the weather and the lighting were constantly changing. I managed to get a lot of different shots in the "can" before it got too dark. I now treasure those shots as they can never be repeated, now that the (very photogenic) wreck is breaking up.
I used Nik software to do the initial processing, and then used Topaz B&W effects 2.0 to add a vintage mono film effect with coarse grain.
In my camera bag
I try not to take too much gear with me, because it can be a real pain lugging a bag around, especially somewhere wet and sandy like this where you often can't put it down. I usually carry a wide angle and a longish zoom lens, one on the camera and the other in my jacket pocket.
There are wonderful opportunities for photographers here on the West Coast of Ireland. There is a scenic route called the Wild Atlantic Way, on which the scenery and lighting can often be amazing. Bring suitable shower-proof clothing, bad weather is frequent but can give spectacular shots!

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