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Witmar December 17, 2016
good picture
DebbieKMiller81 December 18, 2016
Beautiful young girl
FredericMONIN February 01, 2017
GREAT portrait and model !!!
kathleenkathykathkattrogers February 01, 2017
peterdayton February 02, 2017
teenakennedy February 05, 2017
darylchamlee February 05, 2017
An Awesome shot,,, Bravo Bravo!!!!!!!
vojce April 01, 2017
TMoreJava April 04, 2017
This is simply beautiful. Great piece of work. Incredible!
TMoreJava April 06, 2017
Irys April 17, 2017

Green-eyed Girl





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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken in my small home studio, which is in my back garden. It is really a glorified shed, but it is cosy set up to suit my needs.
This was under studio lighting conditions, so was shot in the morning, but the daylight did not add to this image.
I aim to reproduce Rembrandt style lighting to create a fine art, and painterly effect with my lighting. My key light is from one side, using a 120cm Octabox to give a large, soft light source. I use a reflector to add fill and lift the shadows slightly.
This was shot on a canon 6D with a canon 24-105 F4 L series lens. I used Bowens Gemini 500 Pro studio head, with a 120cm octabox, and a reflector. Occasionally I do use a second studio head to add a tiny bit of fill, but this was just using the one light, and a reflector.
The child's favourite colour was green, and she came along with a green dress, which perfectly matched a scarf I had crocheted, so I was inspired to use the scarf to enhance the green in the image. I placed the scarf over her hair to convey a feeling of innocence and purity. And slightly enhanced her eyes to match the colouring in the image.
The post production is this image consists mainly of frequency separation to smooth her skin, then some dodging and burning to give the image a more painted feel. I have brightened her eyes, and increased the green slightly using a curves adjustment layer. I also added a texture to the background, and a slight brown vignette to draw the attention to her face by darkening the edges. After editing in Photoshop, I then use Lightroom to finish off the image, using my own presets which I have developed to give my images a fine art finish.
In my camera bag
I have my Canon 6D, and my 2 Canon L series lenses (24 - 105 f4, and 70 - 200 f2.8, with a 2x extender when I need it for wildlife). I am a great supporter of wildlife conservation and sometimes add images of animals I have taken to my portraits as composites. A seldom use a tripod, as I feel it limits my movement. On location, I use a selection of speed lights, so I can control the light. I also use a grey card to set my white balance and a Sekonic 308s to measure the light.
Set up your lighting, paying careful attention to the light and shadows. I always meter my light, although in the studio it is pretty consistent. I then to a test shot to make sure it is falling as I want it to, before settling in to take my set of image. As I move my model, I adjust the light to suit the new position, paying attention to how it falls on her face. I am constantly tweaking it, to get it the way I want it.

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