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Black and Gold

During a walk around Rakotzsee with the picturesque Devil's Bridge I was stunned by this very contrast scene with the autumn tree touched by the evening su...
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During a walk around Rakotzsee with the picturesque Devil's Bridge I was stunned by this very contrast scene with the autumn tree touched by the evening sun and reflection in the lake.

Rakotzsee and Rakotzbrücke (a.k.a The Devil’s Bridge) are located in Azalea and Rhododendron Park, Kromlau, Germany (less than 6 kilometers from the Polish border). The park is a beautiful example of an ”English garden” and has many small ponds and lakes. What makes Azalea and Rhododendron Park so special is Rakotzbrücke, a Bridge that was built during the mid 19th century. The bridge was specially built to create a circle when it is reflected in the waters beneath it – a popular photo opp. The Bridge’s artificially-formed basalt columns were specially shipped from distant quarries. There is a large (and free) parking lot. Best to arrive around May when the rhododendron and azalea plants have fully bloomed. The park’s entry is free of charge and is always open.
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Peer Award
Superb Composition
Absolute Masterpiece
bobhughes dwc626 RMCROC Morgado Chiya_chiu CURUTCHET rwdonsky +85
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OtterySense edwardlrose Membership Ana-Photogirl99 francocretella zoricapecold Ania666 +47
Outstanding Creativity
Corisees Resquin valerielelievre ELundCreatives hjmck-eye-spy EJGJRobyn gingerginger2 +39
Magnificent Capture
CharlesPSchaefer russellgaughen iPhone5 colibri Atoly kathy_graham chrismercerimages +19
Superior Skill
angelabravin coleenlindstrom simonparry BushPictures amywalburn Confalonieri michaelleffel +8
All Star
MaattLion JackAlt chipergeorgemihai BarbKelley Tammy526 jackclarke jerzyrowinski +4
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dark_angel December 16, 2016
great shot. great reflection moment. perfect
HappyMeKP February 16, 2017
The tree, looks like a Happy tree, posing or dancing, like a ballerina, showing off her golden gown, in the golden sun rays ...She even has the reflecting water to admire herself ... If trees were magical beings ... Or perhaps they are :)
Stupendous photo ... a Masterpiece !
AdirahsEyes March 04, 2017
Spectacular shot!!!!
barbararybolt PRO+
barbararybolt March 10, 2017
Stopped me cold as I was looking at your images. Brilliant reflection capture!
lisasheehan May 21, 2017
My favorite by far!
chrismercerimages Platinum
chrismercerimages August 25, 2017
What a great capture. It stopped me dead in my scrolling through your images. I love the colors and composition.
colibri September 25, 2017
Shamrocks71 November 25, 2017
Love this photo!
Jdtphotography December 18, 2017
Really great photography
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