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Scary beauty

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photo - Max Solve
MUA - Natalie ivashchenko
Retouch - Matt Brewin

photo - Max Solve
MUA - Natalie ivashchenko
Retouch - Matt Brewin
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agolosnaphotography November 18, 2016
Beautiful work!
maxsolve November 18, 2016
thank you :)
Roseph March 08, 2018
Wow.. Brilliant!
maxsolve March 08, 2018
thank you very much !!! i
davidgeorgecooper March 10, 2018
Genius idea and great capture. Love a photo that makes you double take to get the whole story. ??
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Behind The Lens


The photo was taken in small dark studio in my city that I love to work in, because I have all control of the light.


This is one of my favourite images. I remember, it was taken in the end of the day - about 10 p.m. because I need to organise the team. And its a very cool makeup that we need a much time for ready, if I remember - about 2 or more hours!


I wanted this image to look mysterious because it interpretation of Halloween -Beauty version. I love to use Bowens monolights and this original image was shot on pink background for good colour grading in photoshop. I use beauty dish with grid as modelling light to make a good contrast and details. and I think it was 3 lighting setup for this image.


This was shot on Canon 5D mark III with 85mm f1.8, as a flash I use Bowens monolights - it was 3 lighting setup I believe. and a big reflector as a fill light


I love unusual beauty images and with my makeup artist I think about beauty version of Halloween. Usually I give complete freedom to my make-up artist and for this images too I give my examples what I love to do and makeup artist give me her vision of this.


yes it was a hard work with post-processing and colour grading.

In my camera bag

the first thing I always pack is my Canon 50mm f1.4, because it my standard lens on my Canon 1D mark IV that I use now. also in a studio I sometimes use Canon 85mm f1.8 and canon 70-200mm f.2.8.


Do not try to repeat exactly what you see in a reference. You may not be able to. So you can be disappointed. If you work in a team, then rely on the opinion and professionalism of your team member. For example, when I work with a make-up artist, then I show my examples that I like and rely on the choice and I give freedom to the creativity of the person with whom I work. You can specify the direction of the work of the team, but do not limit the freedom of action. As possible, the result obtained will exceed your expectations.

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