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keepsakesc July 16, 2018
love this image !! Giraffes are my favorite !!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on safari in South Africa.
It was early to mid afternoon... October....
The lighting was whatever Mother Nature wanted to give me that day... I feel that overcast days lend an entirely different feel to images...
This was shot on my Nikon D800... with a 70-300 mm lens... f8... shutter at 1250 for wildlife flash.. handheld ...
I have always dreamed of going on an African safari... however, the circumstances that led to me being here were quite tragic... I had just lost my son in law, and was there for that reason... for a celebration of his life... his parents insisted that we enjoy some outings while there... my heart really wasn't in it.. but when I have a camera in my hand, life around me dissolves away... so I focused on what my son in law would want me to do... and felt like he was right there with me... the fact that those giraffe just stood there looking at us was an experience I won't forget...
I really did minimal post processing... lightened the highlights a bit... opened up the shadows slightly... I really like my images to look as close to "as shot" as possible...
In my camera bag
It depends on where I'm going, and what I think I'll see... how far will I be walking... but always the Nikon body, and a variety of different lenses... from 24mm to 500mm... for this outing, I really only brought the camera and the one lens...
If you're willing to make the flight... and have a good guide, decent equipment... I think there's a good possibility it could happen..

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