pietnel December 20, 2016
Masterpiece she is gorgeous perfect shot
GiuseppeDeAngelis December 21, 2016
Thank you pietnel
aj250gto Jan 19
aj250gto Jan 19
Awesome Beauty
Witmar Mar 07
great shot

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Nov, 2016

Cold Water

Model: Carmela G.

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Won Contest Finalist in Sexy In Black And White Photo ContestDecember, 2016

Peer Award

Peer Award
Top Choice
Superb Composition
Absolute Masterpiece
Magnificent Capture
Outstanding Creativity
All Star
Superior Skill

Photo Trifecta TM

Top 10 class
Top 10 class week 1


Behind The Lens

I took this photo while I was doing a workshop at the natural pools of Castelforte in the province of Latina, in Italy. I used the pools to immerge the model to give the photo a sexy touch. She was in the water while i was in a higher position on a little bridge that crossed the natural pool. Initially the photo was conceived to be a color shot but, I immediately fell in love wth this black and white version.
It was taken on 2nd July at 6:30pm
Looking at the photo frontly, we can notice the east coming waning phase sunlight. There was plenty of light, not strong but sweet and all of these factors facilitated the retouching of the photo. There was a good uniform light on the face, while a not aggressive one on the dress, especially on models brest.
I shot this photo free hand with a nikon D750 and a Nikon 24-120mm lens. I used a 50mm focal legnth, f/4 a 1/400s and iso 400 to open up the shadows.
I was looking for an impact posing photo and not the usual frontal portrait and I wanted to try a shot in a higher position than the model. I snapped a few shots and when I reached the bridge, the idea popped into my head, I "frozed" the scene and model and started shooting.
I worked mainly on the skin, face and eyes, adjusting it all with a high and low frequency process, i adjusted the make-up with dodge and burn and increased the contrast and the light in the eyes. Then I balanced the photo removing the dominating greenness of the water and neutralised the colors. The last step was transforming it all into B&W and playing with the curves tool, I got the final photo. I like the way that the main character stands out from the background where the "Blacks" aren't too full but present. Overall I like the result.
In my camera bag
When I usually go out with my backpack to take some shots of models in natural light, I take my nikon D750 with the Nikon 24-120mm, 85mm and 50mm lenses. I seldomly use the Nikon 80-200mm.
My sincere advice to capture similar shot is firstly, make the model feel at ease, there must be complicity between you both and you must have fun while you shoot, don't take it too seriously otherwise the photos will never come out well. Secondly, you must follow your instinct. Technically I used a matrix measurement due to the weather and light condtion at that moment with the single point autofucus positioned on the dominating eye. Lastly, is to always follow an inspirer and for this I thank Alessandro Di Cicco, my trainer and mentor.

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