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Jackilain Apr 13
Absolutely love this!!! Very well Balanced of good~evil~funny~serious

The tough pumpkin...

... it was a rough fight, but in the end I succeeded ;)
... it was a rough fight, but in the end I succeeded ;)
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Behind The Lens

This photo was takein in my appartment in Vienna, Austria. I transformed my living room to a studio
I think it was early afternoon when I decided to do a halloween based shooting. It took me a few hours to build up the "set", prepare the pumpkin and get myself ready with fake blood...
I wanted the image to look dark, mysterious. So I first wanted the light only to be on on side of my face, but eventually went with a kind of Rembrand light.
I used a Nikon DSLR on a tripod, can't remember the lens. A noname 200Ws flash in a softbox, camera left and slightly above. A striplight on front as fill. A bare YN-560MarkIII for lighting the pumpking and tools. Triggered with YN-RF603II.
My wife an I just wanted to to a halloween based shooting and came out with that idea. It should look a bit scary, but be funny too...
Digital background, dodge & burn, some color grading...
In my camera bag
I usually, when I'm out and about, try to have only the smallest amount of gear with me. So my camera (Nikon D800) with the Sigma 24mm Art mounted. When I know I'm going to take some portraits, I love my Nikon 105mm! When travelling I usually bring my Tamron 15-30mm...
Well, this is far away from being my best picture, actually there is a lot I would do different if I'd redo the shot. But this pic doesn't need to be technically perfect, it was just a fun idea and we had a lot of fun while creating this picture. We made our own fake blood, prepared the pumpkin and laughed a lot... so just have fun!

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