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Behind The Lens

One day a friend and I decided that we wanted to go shooting since the weather was nice, a rare occurrence in the early spring in Oregon. So we chose a direction to drive and just went. Every once in a while we would stop and get out to take photos, and we eventually found this covered bridge. We were miles from the nearest town, and it was just a very serene moment. If you look close, my friend is on the right, walking toward the bridge.
By the time I took this picture, it was probably around lunch time. We had packed snacks for ourselves because we didn't want to have to cut our adventure short from hunger.
Since it was right in the middle of the day and clear skies, there was the dreaded 'harsh light'. I didn't have much experience shooting in broad daylight, so I was trying to challenge myself to take shots in lighting that I wasn't used to. The spattered shadows from nearby trees helped me ease into trying out new shots.
I was shooting with my Canon t3 Rebel but since I was so low to the ground I couldn't use a tripod, which made for an interesting time of me being laying stretched out in the middle of the road trying to stay even to the ground!
I hadn't been up to the bridge yet, and I wanted to stand back and really enjoy the moment taking it all in. This lead to me looking for a different shot than just the usual framing of the bridge.
I usually post-process most of my photos, but I never touched this one! I'm pretty happy with the way it is.
In my camera bag
Right now I only have my one camera body, the Canon t3 Rebel. My favorite lens is my 50mm prime, and I also carry a Canon 18-55mm and a Canon 55-250mm lens. I've had them all for a long time, and they still serve me well.
Look for a different perspective, and when you find it keep shooting until you get the shot that satisfies you!

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