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BarryMiles April 21, 2018
JM18Photography April 21, 2018
Beautiful, congratulations!
kireevart April 27, 2018
thx to all :)

Flower fairy.

Fairy tale girl portrait surrounded with natural plants and flowers. Art image in bright fantasy stylization.
Fairy tale girl portrait surrounded with natural plants and flowers. Art image in bright fantasy stylization.
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Behind The Lens

I made this photo in 2014 on the territory of my garden of flowers and plants growing here.
It was twilight time.
I used a portrait plate at various angles and a silver reflector opposite.
There is a mixed light: a studio impulse flash and the setting sun. Canon Mark II camera with 24-70mm also used a reception with a wooden shield decorated plants where the face of the model is placed.
Good early autumn weather :) This shot is part of a series of similar works about garden fairies in various variations that I did at that time moment. Five more another shoots were filmed using plants on a wooden shield in the same way.
I process all my works in one stylistic author's manner for many years, the raw material itself is not significantly different from the final version but I always scrupulously clean the skin's flaws. The smoke effect is natural, obtained with the help of homemade smoke bomb.
In my camera bag
I have a lot of different equipment for the different types of shooting that I do. Everything depends on the specific case. Always I thoughtfully collect kits taking into account the expected artistic tasks.
My opinion is, do not try to do something similar, where it is more interesting to create one's own, to express oneself by creativity in the form to which there is a tendency, through personal taste and ideas. Everything will turn out with right time. good luck and positive vibes.

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