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Serengetti Lion in the Grass





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Flosno October 21, 2016
Great capture
Flosno October 21, 2016
Great capture
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana January 05, 2017
Very nice! Congratulations!

Behind The Lens

This shot was taken whilst on safari in the Serengetti National Park. On the second day of our family holiday as we rounded a bend in the dusty road, we spotted this pair just ten meters away. I think we got more of a shock than they did but that did not stop them from leaving the scene post haste. I was lucky to get just five shots in before they disappeared into the taller grass.
We had had a full day of game viewing and were heading back to the lodge in the evening. Our guide suggested that these two were probably brothers and were resting up for the nights hunt.
At 6pm the lighting was still quite good and they were positioned well with only minor shadows of the grass which made for a great effect of them hiding.
The camera was a Nikon D80 with a 70-200 zoom lens and I was in a pop top truck so I was able to use a bean bag to steady for the shot.
When on safari it is not hard to be enthusiastic about photography especially in the Serrengetti. This encounter was just one many with all sorts of animals, birds, people and scenery.
All that I did to enhance the image was to crop and colour just a little.
In my camera bag
My main camera is a Nikon D700 and the main go to lens is an 18-200mm Nikon. I also have 70-200mm and 80-400 mm Nikons. I use a 2x converter on occasions.
To have more success in wildlife photography one must be prepared not with the gear that is being used but with as much knowledge of animal habitats and habits as possible. It is the only way that one has a chance of getting the shots that they want. Of course you can get lucky as I did with this shot and I did have the camera in hand ready for such an opportunity.

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