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Sep, 2016

Camaret, France

Cloudy long exposure

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Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 14October, 2016


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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Camaret-Sur-Mere, a small town in Bretagne, France. This foto was taken before sunrise.
This foto was taken before sunrise. Getting up really early has a lot of possibilities! You captured moments with amazing light and motion that you'll never see when the sun is up!
This photographer is made with 100% daylight, using a graduation filter in combination with a long shutter! This results in a really nice image wich contains a lot of motion!
I used a Nikon D750 with the 14-24mm Lens. I used a graduation filter from Lee Filters while using the special MK150 Filter holder kit. I used my Manfrotto 190go carbon tripod with a ballhead.
Photographers as thomas heaton and mattew vandenputte inspired me to take this picture! They are both landscape photographers with an amazing style.
I did some post-processing. I added some more graduation in the clouds, some clarity and lighted up my shadows.
In my camera bag
I always have a Nikon D750, 14-24mm lens, 35mm lens and a 50mm lens. I never forget my Manfrotto tripod too.
Looking for some symmetric stones/sculptures can make your images very cool! I used a long exposure to add some motion in this frame wich gave me a nice result!

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