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My daughter cradles a 7 week old Indian Ring Neck Parrot.

My daughter cradles a 7 week old Indian Ring Neck Parrot.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at home in my studio space, in front of a large window.
It was late afternoon, a few hours before sunset. I like the natural light in this room, later in the day.
I am a big fan of window lighting (natural light). It can be very directional if there is one main window, and you can easily play around with a range of lighting effects by moving your subject to different sides of the room.
Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm 1.4G. The 50mm is one of my favourites for shooting portraits indoors where space is usually limited.
I was playing with taking photos from different vantage points. Some photos were taken at eye-level and others by laying on the floor. This photo was taken from above and I like how it shows the baby bird to be small and vulnerable. My daughter had only recently brought the Indian Ringneck home and our world very much revolved around Tango at that time, who had to be fed every few hours and kept warm.
I typically post-process my photos because I like the creativity of it and adding personal touches to each image. In this case, I removed a few distractions - things lying on the floor that didn't need to be there - and added a slight vignette to help draw attention to my daughter and the bird in her hands.
In my camera bag
I tend to keep a few favourite lenses in my bag: Nikkor 24-70mm (so versatile), Nikkor 70-200mm (great for shooting from a distance and compression), Nikkor 85 1.4G (favourite portrait lens). I also keep a reflector on hand and use it when I need light bounced back on my subject's face. I rarely use my Speedlight flash - only popping it in the bag for night-time photography.
I certainly suggest playing around with placing your subject at different angles to a window and moving them closer, or further away from the light. There is so much that can be captured in one space, and with one window. Also, try shooting from various vantage points to see what you can achieve. Just make sure that your subject's skin is not overexposed. Adjust your exposure if need be and don't be afraid of more dramatic lighting.

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