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marcdewitt October 08, 2016
What fun you can have with a wide angle lens and an animal. It creates such comic book-like caricatures. Nicely done!
Pupparazzi October 23, 2016
yes, it`s really funny, i love it so much
mtdoc July 15, 2017
Pupparazzi July 16, 2017
Thank you
DutchTouch February 07, 2018
Congrats on your Finalist Award and it is a wonderful capture!

Allgäu Cow

Cow in Germany Allgäu
Cow in Germany Allgäu
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Behind The Lens

Rettenberg; Bavaria in the beautiful Allgäu in Germany
in September of 2016 on an wonderful Late summer day
No, I was just lucky with the circumstances. Super weather, beautiful light and a photogenic cow
Canon 70 D with an walimex fisheye
Oh, i really love cows. I like their faces, the beautiful expressive eyes. For me, just beautiful animals. I am special for the Viehscheid, a German tradition travelled to the Allgäu in search of beautiful cow pictures. But I'm so lucky I didn't expect that. Since I'm just a hobby photographer
Admittedly, the cow fence on the side didn't fit, that didn't fit the rest of the picture, which radiates a wideness. I'm not a fan of Photoshop and post-processing, so it also looks a little bumbling on the side. But I think the look of the cow strongly distracts and is just perfect, so you can see over my little stümperhaftes after editing. The picture was even worth an electric shock.
In my camera bag
Even though it is frowned upon by most photographers, I like to use a zoom. Since I prefer to take pictures on trips and often discover beautiful motifs in the distance, so that I can not run so fast. I know that I sometimes have corresponding losses in quality, but that weighs with images I would not have been able to get without a zoom.
For me, the eye or gaze is decisive. According to the motto; Not the camera, but the eye makes the picture. I am not technique savvy, it is more important to me to train my gaze and to photograph out of my stomach. Who does not dare, who does not win!

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