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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in a quaint little village called St. Martin's, N.B. At a bayside camping ground on August 22, 2016.


I believe it was early evening, after a day of heavy rain and fog. Sister and I decided to take a walk after sitting up our tent. I thought these cabins were eye catching and a picture of them would make them part of my camping memorabilia. (Time was approximately 7:00pm)


Simply waiting for the ideal time to capture the perfect photo.


I believe, I captured this picture with my pocket size Canon Sureshot camera. 16.0 megapixel, 5.0-25.0mm (5x optical zoom). I did not use a tripod. I just took camera in hand, pointed, zoomed, and clicked...capture! Voila!


I loved the various colours of the cabins and the symmetry. I also, like any scenery with water in the background.


I may have deepened the density of the overall quality, online after downloading it for editing.

In my camera bag

I usually have my Canon sureshot camera and my Nokia cellphone camera with me most times. Sometimes, just my Nokia. With my Nokia, I can edit pictures that I have taken to give them added depth and contrast.


Wait for the right time to capture such things. Early morning and at sunset are key times to capture things such as fog, clouds, water, mountains, woodland, etc. Use a camera with a high power zoom lenses to capture objects in motion, such as birds in flight, airplane flying overhead, wildlife, etc.

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