Congrats! Well deserved
SharonCovert Aug 16
Thank you all so very much for the kind comments!
philipjohnson Aug 17
Congrats on your win well deserved
Pidge815 Aug 19
AdirahsEyes Sep 18
Just lovely in low key, Sharon! Great work
AdirahsEyes Sep 18
Just read BTL and see this is a selfie! Making it more special

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Sep, 2016


Self Portrait
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Won Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless CameraAugust, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Everything In Black And White Photo ContestJuly, 2018


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Behind The Lens

This self-portrait was taken in a small spare room in my house. It was on a rainy day with the only light source being the window to the left of the image.
I took this self-portrait during the day while the house was empty. I had been working through some difficult emotions and self-portraiture was a way for me to express what I couldn't in words, and essentially help aide in my healing.
I only shoot with natural light and on this particular day, it was my most favored light. Rainy day window light. I love the highlights and shadows this type of light produces.
For this self-portrait, I used my Canon 5D Mark III and 35L lens. I set my camera up on my MeFOTO Globe Trotter Classic tripod and used a wired Neewer timer shutter release. This allows me to set a delay so that I can get into position before the shutter releases and then take several shots.
At the time of this self-portrait, I was suffering from a bout of depression along with a back injury. Self-portraiture essentially gave me my voice in this world. It allowed for me to fully express myself yet at the same time, remain anonymous. It became an outlet for me to explore myself, my identity, and share my stories with the world in a unique way.
After this image was taken I then brought it into Lightroom and converted it to black and white while making minor adjustments to the exposure, clarity, and contrast. From there I brought the image into a program called Tonality Pro and applied a black and white preset that adds a glow to highlights that I adjusted to my liking. After that, I finished up the image in Alien Skin's Exposure software. I always finish up my black and white images with this program. I know it sounds like a lot, but I can edit an image such as this one in 15 minutes or less.
In my camera bag
My bag or bags are packed to the brim. I am actually looking forward to downsizing. You will always find my timer, 50mm, 35mm, and many Lensbaby Lenses in my bag. Since I enjoy walks in the woods and on the beach you will also find many things I have collected along the way. Shells, fossils, bones, feathers, shark teeth, flowers, etc.
My first bit of advice is to not be discouraged or hesitant to use low light. On top of that, don't be afraid to lower the exposure even more in post-processing. Self-portraiture can feel daunting, but try to remember that you are in control of what the viewer sees. You can use highlights and shadows to your advantage. I feel extremely passionate about self-expression through self-portraiture and find so much joy in giving others the tools they need to begin this journey of art and self-exploration.

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