Gears old sion mill in Strabane

One of the old gears at the waterway at the old Mill in sion Strabane

One of the old gears at the waterway at the old Mill in sion Strabane
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a local disused mill in the small village of sionmills Strabane. The mill was owned by the Herdman family who sold up and moved their linen business to south Africa. There is now a walkway past the mill to the local river Mourne walk for the public to admire such a beautiful part of the Mourne
Thursday the 27th of August 2016. I had dropped my wife to work and my son to school as it was my day off it was just after 09:00 so I thought I would go for a walk with my camera to a place where every thing is so quite and peaceful
It was early in the morning so it was not to bright or dark. This area was covered by a few large trees which let just the right amount of light through for me to notice that this would be a good photo to take.
I used my sony dsc h400 63x optical zoom
As I walked along the river walk to get to a viewing point I had to pass this point and as I was coming back i had remembered a few pics I had seen in magazines of similar images.
The only processing I did was change to black and white
In my camera bag
Just my camera and a tripod
To be honest the only thing I would say to people is that if you think it looks interesting then take the photo. Dont think about what others think it will look like because I would say 80% of the time people will like your photos. If they dont it's their own taste if you like it and feel proud of it well then it's good.

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