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End of the Bangor pier.

End of the Bangor pier.
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at the end of Bangor Pier which juts out into the Menai Straights in North Wales (UK). A slightly windy but sunny day during June this year.
Taken just after low tide at around 3pm in the afternoon just as a few clouds softened the strong sunshine.
Sunny but slightly windy day with a few clouds scudding about which meant that the natural light levels were changing fairly quickly.
Nikon d5300 c/w 55 - 200 kit lens with an ancient manfrotto tripod was all that we used for this image plus a flask of coffee to keep the creative juices flowing!
I took this as part of a training session I was running for my 14 year old son who is following in my footsteps with a passion for photography. We spent a full day on and around the Bangor pier looking for photo opportunities that could be taken using just camera and 55 - 200 kit zoom. It was a good way of showing him that you don't need all the "gear" to create great images, you just need to be able to see an image and then capture it!
Simple conversion to b&w in lightroom with an increase in contrast. Then a light selenium tone in the shadows and a sepia tone on the highlights was all that we needed to do.
In my camera bag
For this shoot we travelled really light as it was good experience for my son. All we had for two of us was Nikon d5300 and Nikon d80 bodies and 2 x 55-200 kit lenses with skylight filters on them. A couple of spare SD cards and a pair of old tripods made up the entire photographic kit.
Secret of getting a shot like this is patience and planning! Spend time knowing what the tide is going to be and what the weather is doing on that day. If possible visit the location before you go to shoot so you already have an idea of what you want capture. Allow yourself lots of time to look around properly and wherever you go you will find something different. I always leave my camera in the car and spend 1/2 an hour just looking around even on shoot day so that I can see the possibilities with a camera being in the mix. The key things I was helping my son with on this shoot were "seeing" the image before bringing the camera into the mix and "getting it right in camera" to reduce the post processing.

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